The sundering of Cyre ended The Last War, the treaty of Thronehold was but a formality. In the uneasy peace that follows, the nations of Khorvaire hold their breath, as they wonder what will follow in the aftermath. Was the destruction of Cyre caused by the incessant tinkering in the Cannith forges? Is it some kind of magical super-weapon, wielded by the Lord of Dust? Will the Five Nations set aside their differences or shatter each other in the next great war?

The only certainty in these times, is that heroes are in short supply. And those who can supply heroes where they are needed, are sure to charge a tidy sum.

Shorn of their great Forges, lost in the Mourning, house Cannith struggle with the twin setbacks of losing much of their manufacturing power, and being unable to manufacture further Warforged. As many people reel from the shock of the mourning, many turn against the practitioners of magic they once relied on. Is the abundant over-use of magic the cause of the Mourning? Across the nations, the great houses strive to justify their continued use of magic, and in each of the nations, government bodies seek to control the use of exotic and unusual magics to prevent a possible catastrophe.

The latest inventions of House Cannithare seen by many as superfluous and inferior to existing bow and crossbow weapons, but will the advent of Firearms change the battlefields of Khorvaire forever?

Secrets of the Mournland