“Noisy, unreliable, inaccurate, and largely ineffective.” —Breland’s High Martial

Of course, if he’d examined the cost estimates from House Cannith before telling them he wasn’t interested, he’d have added ‘overly expensive to buy and run’ to the list of gripes. Compared to a good old honest crossbow, a firearm is a temperamental, potentially lethal (for the firer) weapon, without an ounce of grace and elegance. No elf would ever be caught dead with a firearm.

Since their initial invention, the mage-smiths of House Cannith have vastly improve the reliability of their weapons. The initial model, powered my a match-lock ignition was too large to produce a pistol, too obvious to ever hide, and often the ignition source extinguished prior to the weapon being used. The replacement wheellock mechanism greatly improved the portability and safety of firearms, which has been further improved by the recent snaplock mechanism. Reloading a firearm is still an arduous task, requiring a great deal of concentration and skill.

There are rumors that some members of house cannith have succeeded in binding elementals into their weaponry. Although there is no evidence whether these weapons exist, or how they would work, they are generally referred to as magelock or bindlock weapons. It would be pure speculation to guess at the particulars of their action.

Game Rules Firearms stats are based on the rules for equivalent crossbow weapons. Firearms suffer a -4 to hit instead of the usual -2 for firing at long range. Firearms aren’t automatically available, especially of a high quality. They can’t be assumed to be purchasable. Matchlock firearms explode on a roll of 1 to hit, and a d20 is rolled when they are reloaded with a result of 1 being the accidental ignition of the user’s store of black powder. Firearms are brutal 1 if their damage dice is d8 or lower, or brutal 2 if higher than d8. All firearms are high crit weapons.

Reload times vary depending on the quality and size of the weapon. A wheel lock pistol is reload minor (4). Unlike crossbows, firearms cannot fire multiple shots, unless they are normally capable of doing so, even if used with a power that takes multiple attacks.


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